Birmingham Clean Air Zone Exemption & Payment Explained

The Birmingham Clean Air Zone launches today – June 1, 2021. Implemented by Birmingham City Council, this means that some vehicle drivers entering the zone will soon need to pay a charge.

Payment and enforcement to enter the zone does not come into effect until 14 June.

However, there are some exemptions where some people will not have to pay.

Exemptions for Birmingham Clean Air Zone

The following vehicles are exempt from the clean air zone charge:

  • Emergency vehicles
  • Armed forces vehicles
  • People travelling for medical appointments
  • People who live in the zone and have a car registered to their address
  • Vans and minibuses that provide school and community transport
  • Vehicles with disabled tax class
  • Recovery vehicles
  • Certain vehicles that are not high-polluting

Check to see if your vehicle is exempt, or apply for exemption.

You can also apply for a temporary exemption if you earn under £30,000 a year and work in the zone for at least 18 hours per week. This exemption may be granted, or you may be offered an incentive, such as a financial reward.  You can apply for exemption at the BrumBreathes website.

Birmingham Clean Air Zone map

The area covers all streets that are within the A4540 MiddleWay Ring Road. Not the ring road itself but all roads inside this area.

How do you pay?

To pay the charge, there are two options:

  1. Via the Government Clean Air Website from six days before travel until six days after.
  2. Phone the official number to pay – 03000 298888.

If you don’t pay clean air zone charge

If you are not exempt and you fail to pay the charge within six days of entering the zone, you will receive a penalty notice charge for £120. This charge is reduced to £60 if paid within two weeks.

For further information, visit the Birmingham Clean Air Zone website.