Information Robots To Be Rolled Out At Birmingham New Street

Smart cameras and information robots are set to be trialled by West Midlands 5g (WM5g) and Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) as part of a £1.6 million investment.

birmingham roads

Plans include introducing robot guides at Birmingham New Street Station to provide passengers with information as rail officials confirm that passenger levels have hit their lowest since records began in 1872.

In a scheme to explore the benefits of 5G technology on the West Midlands transport network, plans also include the introduction of smart train robots that will support autonomous light rail vehicles.

The technology will use 5G for location accuracy and camera data in order to navigate train and bus stations.

Chris Lane, head of transport innovation at TfWM, said: “The awarding of this second round of funding demonstrates the scope that 5G technology can offer in developing and enhancing transport across the West Midlands.

“These trials have the potential to revolutionise the way our regional transport systems operate, with the use of 5G across our transport system promising to create greater efficiencies and solidify the West Midlands as one of the most innovative regions in the UK.”

Digital Infrastructure Minister Matt Warman added: “The idea of robots roaming railway stations and assisting passengers might sound like science fiction, but it could soon be a reality thanks to the government investing up to £20 million in West Midlands 5G.

“These innovative projects will explore how 5G can make public transport better for both passengers and staff, including by making it easier for disabled people to travel, reducing overcrowding on buses and detecting hazards on the railways.”

Source: WMCA

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