Masovia Craft Bakery Opens In Walsall

A Polish bakery, which operates out of Bloxwich, Walsall and serves fresh bread to over 300 stores nationwide, is opening a new shop in Walsall this weekend, Friday 15 October.

The Bakery Mazowsze, known as the Masovia Craft Bakery, all started when two Polish men with a passion for traditional food arrived in England almost two decades ago. Pawel Podalak pursued his passion with his brother-in-law and in 2006 they opened a small bakery.

Their business went from strength-to-strength and now has 70 employees who work hard to make and deliver their fresh Polish bread.

The Masovia Craft Bakery opens on 113 Lichfield Street in Walsall with a chance to meet their host on a special opening day on Friday.

The store opens at 9am and will be stocked full of fresh breads and rolls, cakes and dessert cookies and sandwiches. There’s also a pizzeria, casseroles and the opportunity to order special cakes for all occasions.

An example of the what’s on offer can be seen below, though they frequently switch out items and add new ones. Looks delicious!

masovia bakery menu

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