Bridgewalk Counselling

Soul to Sole Holistic Therapy centre, 430-432 Kingstanding Road, Birmingham, B44 9SA

Are you suffering from stress, anxiety or depression?
Do you have low esteem or lack confidence?
Are you struggling with relationship or employment issues?

Bridgewalk Counselling is a friendly, welcoming and supportive therapy practice that can help you understand, manage, control and overcome these common issues.

Bridgewalk is run by trained counsellor Shena Letford, who adopts a humanistic approach to your needs, and came to become a counsellor after overcoming issues in her own life. Shena is a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psycho-therapy (BACP) and adheres to the BACP Ethical framework for Good Practice. She is qualified in Integrative Counselling and Person-Centred therapy.


Bridgewalk recommends a three-session approach to help you, based on mindfulness.

 Session one: An introduction to cognitive therapy meditation, the process we use to help you help yourself. This can equip you with the tools you need to take a therapeutic approach to life, resulting in tranquillity, calmness and peace.
These tools are:
Mindful listening – the first steps into mindful meditation
Mindful body – living in the moment and increasing focus
Mindful breathing – exercises to reduce stress and anxiety

Session two: Learning about self-actualisation – turning negativity into positive thoughts and emotions.
Mindful mind – develop emotional intelligence and stillness
Mindful movement – Establishing a dynamic practice
Mindful eating – a guide to tasty eating exercises and healthy nutrition

Session three: Your chance to join a supportive mental health wellbeing group, engaging in life skills and activities with like-minded people.

You can also learn about:
Mindful sleep – How to fall asleep peacefully and wake up smiling and refreshed
Mindful heart – How mindfulness can help your relationships

This three session plan is a recommendation that has proven successful with our clients, however we are always happy to sit down and discuss a bespoke approach that addresses your own needs.


We are extremely flexible and open to your needs – your progression and development is what matters to us most.

Why not get in touch to arrange a free consultation? We only ask you for three commitments – have persistence and faith, switch off your phone and turn up on time!

Bridgewalk is based at the Soul to Sole Holistic Therapy centre, 430-432 Kingstanding Road, Birmingham, B44 9SA.

To find out more, email, call 07949 369408 or visit their website.


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