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First time I have seen the Gazette - amazed and delighted to see how informative and interesting it is. Can’t wait for the Sutton Coldfield edition to be launched.

Maureen BrownNextdoor Sutton ColdfieldSutton Coldfield.

I have worked with the team at Pioneer Magazines to produce an article for next month's March edition. They interviewed me about my latest novel "Misconception' and I have to say they did a fantastic job. Rarely do journalists listen to and reproduce your words with such a high level of accuracy and genuine interest. I have to say this is one of the best articles I have ever worked on, in that it represents exactly what we discussed in the interview and yet adds a nice spin to the whole thing that makes it an even more interesting read. Thank you.

F ChamberlainFrankPages.Net

Without doubt, the best local publication by far. Well-written informative articles, alongside invaluable local information and reliable advertisers. We don’t really look anywhere else.

C MoretonStreetly

Can I thank you, Gary and the team who have produced such a wonderful article… wording and graphics. Your magazine plays a very important part in getting into the heart of the community and is a reflection of all the good work that the people of Walsall do which I am proud to be a part of.

A P SinghMBE

Walsall UNISON branch started to advertise in the Pioneer magazines and Great Barr Gazette around twelve months ago in an attempt to engage with prospective members that usually wouldn't be aware of what UNISON provide and where they can find us. That twelve months has seen a positive spike in our recruitment that we feel must have been helped by our involvement with these publications.

W InstoneWalsall UNISON

I find it a really interesting and informative magazine and look forward to receiving a copy every 2 months.

M Rees

Having such a great article written about our support group has resulted in us receiving a number of requests and phone calls about the group. They have come from parents, grandparents and other family members to see if we can help to support them to support their child/niece/nephew/grandchild, and also from a professional offering their support to the parents and group which is fabulous news for us. The article in the Great Barr Gazette and other related magazines i.e. the Pioneer has helped our group reach out to people who may never have gotten to know about us otherwise. Thanks very much.

J WeirCollingwood Autism Support Group

Presentation is everything, and that is exactly what the Pioneer is. That has most definitely elevated our business and marketed our business to a high standard which has got us significant work over the years. Gill and her team work effortlessly on making sure that everything you require for your advert is in place and the whole service from this business is absolutely outstanding, and I can tell you now this is the best advertisement magazine locally to where we are.

Tom Smith Roofing

People who we deliver to often tell us how much they appreciate and even look forward to receiving their magazine. One gentleman told us that as soon as he gets a new one, he passes the old one on to a friend and we are often asked if we have spare copies for people to pass on to relatives in other areas.

S SatterthwaiteAldridge reader/deliverer/local author and historian

Regular advertising in the Pioneer reminds people that we’re here and that we’re professional. We get called weekly by other companies wanting us to advertise but we always say no as we get such a good response from you.

A RuddDazzling Dogs

You do a wonderful job. I wouldn’t be without the Pioneer Magazine.

S Symonds

Your magazine has been a great help to us bringing in new members, thank you for all you do.

B ThornleyPelsall Women’s Fellowship

Women’s Fellowship

S BowmanWalsall

The Pioneer is a magazine that local people trust and turn to when they need a service. Advertising in it has generated many good quality leads and customers for my business. I would highly recommend it.

S MilesS Miles Electrical

I’m isolated. The GBG is like a lifeline to me

R CapewellGreat Barr

A brilliant local magazine! As a local resident, I know that everyone uses The Pioneer Magazine, whether it’s to find a local tradesman or find out what’s on. Also, working for a local business who advertise in the Pioneer, I cannot praise the company enough. Very clear payment options, a professional look to our articles and superb staff who are very passionate about getting everything just right. Highly recommended.

K KayThe Hawthorns

It’s like a handy little Bible with everything in you could ever need. Our patients love to read it and we all use it.

K DwyerPelsall

I have always advertised in the Pioneer Magazines and it’s the only place I advertise. I don’t need to advertise anywhere else.

T NashAldridge Diagnostics Centre

Our household really enjoys your magazine. Thank you.

R FlavellPelsall

We have put on a basket weaving workshop several times at the centre but always had a poor response. Since putting it in the Pioneer and Great Barr Gazette the workshop has been full. Thank you.

S FroggattCollingwood Centre

Everybody who I know who receives the Pioneer reads it and keeps it. It’s a really good source of local information and companies.

B TurnerStonnall

I always look forward to receiving the Pioneer. It’s the only ‘freebie’ that I ever keep.

J LawsonStreetly

A really useful magazine

M HarveyClayhanger

A great balance of advertising and information – you can tell it’s run by someone local. We always read it and keep it for reference.

M LewisWalsall Wood

Thank you for the efficient service provided and, of course, for all the additional work generated from regular advertising in The Pioneer and Great Barr Gazette.

M & R FreemanCarpets Direct 2U

I always look in the Pioneer first to find local trades and services. I’ve used several of the advertisers and been really pleased with all of them.

H TaylorAldridge

It’s so handy…we don’t ever throw it away. You never know when you might need something.

Mrs BadgerWalsall

I find it invaluable, from the quality of the advertisers to the bits and pieces of information. For everything that’s in it really.

Mrs PerksWalsall