Editors Blog

Editors Blog

The Unintended Consequences Of Covid-19

I know I am not alone in wondering what the collateral damage of Covid-19 will be. Especially when we assess the damage to our high streets, local economy and to our overall health and wellbeing. In our September/October issue we have an article from Dr Ron Daniels an intensive care doctor working in our local […]

Local Community Groups Strengthen Our Area

A good community is one where people are encouraged to come together, get involved participate and feel included.  That’s why we do so much to support our local community groups. This is our ethos and this underpins why our magazines and community website exist. Our team lives and works in the areas we cover.  We […]

The Power Of Community & Localness

The Power Of Community & Localness Nothing is more important to us than the local communities that we serve. We believe in inclusion and accessibility for all. We want to see local businesses thriving and local people finding the help and information they need whether that’s for home improvements, general wellbeing or finding a great […]