Pelsall Residents Wake Up To Colourful Balloons On The Green

Dozens of balloons have mysteriously appeared this morning in Pelsall on the Green by Green Lane.

Balloons appear in Pelsall. Credit: Bella Rochelle

The balloons come in a variety of colours, including green, red, white and black and are weighed to the floor with a stick to stop them blowing away.

Local resident Bella’ Dee Rochelle told us that they are “fantastic”. She picked one up and also spotted that they have a keepsake note attached to them, reading: “Shine bright like a rainbow”.

Picture credit: Helen Pitcher

The balloons have caused quite a stir locally with many spotting the colourful display on their way to school or work this morning.

Residents on the local community Facebook page “Common People” were quick to make comment.

“Just drove past what a Lovely burst of colour 😍 so much effort went into it, ” wrote Nicola Fletcher.

Chantelle Bridge wrote:  “I think it’s cute.. Will brighten the kids morning on the way to school today.”

Others haven’t been quite as complimentary, with a few locals worried about littering, potential harm to the environment and danger to animals. Some residents have stated that the balloons are biodegradable.

Though the reason for the balloons remained a mystery for most of the morning, local lady Chloe Jeynes has finally shed some light on the dazzling display. “We just want to make people smile especially after the last few years we all had,” she wrote on a Facebook post. “Plus we wanted to raise awareness for the nature reserve/outdoor classroom we are trying to get funding for.”

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