Sadistic Walsall Duo Go To Jail After Torturing Victims

Two men from Walsall, who imprisoned, degraded and humiliated their victims have been jailed at Wolverhampton Crown Court this week.

Roheed Ahmed, 22, and Kameron Hussain,23, admitted numerous offenses, including keeping three men as ‘slaves’ at a property in Cecil Street, Walsall.

Ahmed and Hussain

The judge said that all the victims suffered from mental health problems and probably addiction. “Each man was highly vulnerable, the two of you took advantage to enslave and abuse them, the level of vile treatment was at times equivalent to torture,” said Judge John Butterfield KC.

One victim, who was discharged from hospital with mental health problems in 2021, lived in the flat on Cecil Street where he met Ahmed. The court hearing revealed he was given drugs by the pair and threatened with violence.

Another victim was beaten with sticks and forced to bark like a dog, burnt with cigarette lighters and had his hair shaved. He told the court that if he did anything wrong he was punched in the face.

The victim was spotted with the two men in Asda in Walsall when staff became suspicious. Security then contacted police after they witnessed the men pushing their victim in a shopping trolley and deliberately making him fall out. Despite being arrested, they were bailed.

When one of their victims vanished, it appears that Ahmed and Hussain, turned to their next victim who suffered similar abuse, including being bit on the ear and repeatedly punched.

Other abuse revealed during the trial included forcing a victim to smoke heroin and pouring liquid on a victim and setting it alight.

Ahmed from Lewis Street and Hussain from Cecil Street were given jail sentences of nine years and eight months after being charged with false imprisonment, racially aggravated assault, two counts of assault, possessing an article and theft.

In addition to imprisonment, the criminals will spend another three years on extended licence.

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