Benefits of Local Magazine Advertising

With consumer behaviour switching more rapidly than ever from offline to online activities, are there still benefits to advertising in a local magazine?

It’s clear that times have changed. You can now reach a large audience cheaply, or even for free, through online advertising. However, print magazines are still widely read and local publications reach out directly to the community and the people that advertisers want to use their services or buy their products. Consequently, these niche magazines still hold plenty of advertising power.

How Advertising in a Local Magazine Can Help Your Business

Let’s take a look at Pioneer Magazines to examine the benefits more closely. Comprising of three local publications – the Walsall Pioneer, Villages Pioneer and Great Barr Gazette – these free magazines are delivered every two months to 48,000 homes in Walsall, Great Barr and the surrounding areas and boast a readership of 120,000.

pioneer magazines edition
Three local magazines that get distributed across Walsall, Great Barr and other local areas.

The content consists of feel-good local stories and news that serves to uplift and benefit the community. The editor’s philosophy from the outset was always to focus on the positives of the local area and it’s a mindset that has paid off with the magazines going from strength-to-strength over 16 years since it launched. Pioneer Magazines has also actively championed local businesses with initiatives such as the Shop Local Campaign.

Readers care about community

The readers of these local magazines care about the area where they live. They feel pride in their community and feedback from readers reveals that they look forward to receiving these free magazines.

Pioneer Magazines has built up trust with the local communities over many years as a source of dependable local information. It’s a familiar and comforting sight to see a copy of the magazine pop through the letterbox each month, knowing that the news and stories within those pages have the community’s best interests at heart.

pioneer magazines distribution map
Distribution areas of Pioneer Magazines.

Magazine readers trust local content

The knock-on effect of gaining reader’s trust is that advertisements in the magazines are seen as recommendations rather than ads. This is a true reflection of Pioneer Magazines advertisers, as each advertiser is vetted to ensure they are reputable.

When readers trust the content, they trust the advertisers within the pages and are more likely to use their services.

Your adverts are seen repeatedly

The online advertising space is cramped. Internet users are served hundreds of ads per day. Though many of them are targeted directly at the individual behaviour of a user, adverts are in front of your eyes one second and gone the next.

Pioneer Magazines sit on coffee tables, sideboards and office desks for weeks where they are picked up again and again. Advertisements are seen over and over by local readers so the adverts have real staying power.

index of advertisers
Index enables readers to find relevant businesses quickly.

Within these magazines are advertisements from many local businesses, many of which have advertised for years because they build up recognition, familiarity and trust among the community with long-term campaigns.

The readers have been accustomed to picking up the magazine when looking for local services, knowing that they can jump straight to the index of advertisers and immediately find they type of business they’re looking for.

One-to-one help and understanding

Magazine staff offer a personal touch. They work with you to create an advert that will have the most impact and will often run editorial for free alongside advertisements to help boost your profile. They really do want you to return and advertise again, so go above and beyond to ensure you’re happy with your placement.

advert in magazine
An example of editorial ran next to a local advertisment.

In a local magazine, the staff really do want your business to do well. They are local people with local interests at heart.

Readers are engaged

The distractions of the internet and social media means that the attention of people is easily diverted with so much going on, but readers pick up a local magazine during a quiet time when they are ready to relax. As a result, they absorb information.

magazine on table
Readers relax with a magazine.

When readers are engaged, they remember. Next time they’re looking for a plumber, a gardener or any other service, product or local event, they are more likely to remember your name, or know exactly where to find what they need by picking up the magazine.

Magazine Advertising + Online Advertising

Local magazine advertising should not be a replacement for online advertising, but should complement your marketing strategy so you can advertise effectively. You should still take advantage of local business listings and directories, get yourself a Google Business profile, put yourself on LinkedIn and set up a Facebook business page and experiment with localised online advertising.

However, when marketing your business within a magazine and in the online space, you’ll be heading more quickly on the right track to success.

Find out how to advertise with Pioneer Magazines.

6 Ways To Get Free Advertising In Walsall

Most things in life aren’t free, but some things are! If you’re looking at ways to get free advertising in Walsall, Great Barr and the surrounding areas of the West Midlands, then you’ve come to the right place.

Getting the word out about your local business, doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Having already taken a look at some effective ways to advertise your local business, in this article we’ll tell you ways in which you can advertise for free.

Free Local Business Directories

There are many local business directories that will allow you to submit your company for free.  This will increase your chances of being found when people are searching for local companies on the search engines.

yelp search bar

These include

Being in these directories also gives you a back link, which can improve the domain rating of your own site and help elevate it in the search rankings.

Hub spot also have a great article entitled 50 local business directories if you’d like to read more.

Set up a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is like Facebook for businesses and is a great way to promote your local company. Not only is it a great tool for hiring talent for your company, you should post on it regularly and use relevant hashtags (in a similar way to Twitter) so that people can find your company.

LinkedIn Nike account

Once your page is created, make sure to share it wherever possible. On your other social media accounts, or to an email list of your clients.

If you’re not sure how to start and what to put on your Linkedin business page, then check out competitors in your field to see what they are doing and make sure you layout your marketing goals from the outset.

Check out these tips for LinkedIn businesses.

Email Marketing

Whenever you get the opportunity, you should ask your customers if you can keep them up-to-date via email about your products or services. Creating an email list and telling customers about your latest offer/product/service, or even just what your business has been up to, is a great way to build trust and get repeat local business.

mailing list

Be sure you know the rules on GDPR, which can require specific consent from a customer to email them. You must also ensure they can opt-out of having emails sent to them in a transparent and simple way.


Create a Facebook business page. It costs nothing, you can get followers immediately by inviting friends from your personal page and there are many ways to generate more followers.

There are also many local interest groups and Walsall business groups that you can join. These include:

There are many other area specific groups for communities, covering the likes of Walsall, Aldridge, Brownhills and Great Barr. You should always check the rules before advertising as some groups may not allow it. Alternatively, you can monitor these channels and keep an eye out for local people looking for a service.

pioneer magazines facebook

Someone may be looking for a Walsall electrician, for example, to help with a repair. If that’s you, jump into the comments and let them know you’re available. Look out for opportunities where you can post about your services to help the community.

Visit Pioneer Magazines on Facebook.

Get Free Reviews

By setting up a Facebook business page, users can leave your business a review. People do look at reviews, so making sure you always leave your customers with a positive impression is crucial.

One of the most important reviews that you can have is a Google Review. It’s simple to get started by joining Google My Business for free. You set up your business profile and then you can encourage satisfied customers to leave you a review.

google reviews

When searching Google, potential customers may search for you business to see if it’s trusted and find these reviews. You also get the chance to respond to negative reviews, so always do so in a positive manner in order to show that you really do take customer feedback on board.

Brush up on SEO

SEO, or search engine optimisation, can rapidly increase the amount of people coming to your website. To apply these techniques in order to appear higher in the search rankings for local businesses can take time to learn, but once you’ve got a grasp of it, you’ll never turn back.

seo strategy

SEO is a way of structuring your website and writing posts in a very specific way in order to bring in more traffic from search engines such as Google. You can learn this yourself if you have the time, though also paying an SEO specialist may be worth it if you have the cash.

Looking for additional help to market your Walsall business? Advertise with us, or check out our premium Pioneer Magazines business directory.

Helping Local Businesses To Bounce Back

Pioneer Magazines has supported local Walsall and Great Barr businesses since 2005 by providing affordable advertising that reaches 48,000 local homes.

Walsall Community Advertise

From electricians and plasterers to takeaways and beauty salons, we’ve built up long-lasting relationships with our local companies over many years, going above and beyond to ensure that our community use local services and shop locally.

What Is Pioneer Magazines?

Pioneer Magazines is a free bi-monthly magazine that features stories and news relevant to our community. We’re local people who believe community has never been so important and pride ourselves in creating positive stories and putting our local, hard-working businesses on a pedestal.

Find out more about our Pioneer Magazines, including the areas of Walsall, Great Barr and beyond where we distribute.

How Can We Support Your Business?

We offer the perfect way to reach out directly to those people who will use your business with a variety of affordable options for magazines placements, as well as cost-effective online advertising in our business directory or via banners.

We’re always looking for new ways to support you too. We often cover uplifting stories from our local businesses in our magazines, and have recently started to run free social media promotions to help boost your reach.

Whatever your budget, we can help.

To get in touch, please email us at: or call us on 01922 660022.

Whether it’s for advertising or to talk about other ways we can support you, we’re here to listen.

Restaurant’s Tasty Gift To Manor Hospital Heroes

Indian restaurant Walsall
Staff At Dera Restaurant Putting Together Their Gift To Manor Hospital Staff

Staff at a Walsall restaurant cooked up a tasty way to thank NHS heroes working on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic – by delivering fresh, tasty curry!

Dera Restaurant, in Caldmore Road, has been serving up Pakistani cuisine for nine years.

Like all restaurants, the impact of the COVID-19 has seen Dera shut its doors to diners, instead switching to a delivery service to provide food for those in lockdown.

But this month it made its most ambitious delivery ever, when it provided 100 meals for staff at the Manor Hospital.

“We have always tried to get involved in charity,” said owner Ahmed Nawaz, “and in the past we have provided food to the homeless, for instance.

“Everyone has seen the work being carried out by the staff in hospitals, and the risks they are taking to treat people with coronavirus, and I felt compelled to do something to say thank you.

“Everyone is taking part in the weekly applause to show support but I wanted to do something different, and I thought: ‘what better way than to provide them with a tasty, fresh dinner to help them recharge after all their hard work.”

So, on April 19, Ahmed and his team set about cooking 100 delicious Chicken biryani dishes, each one lovingly presented in their own box.

“I wanted to make sure that it was not too spicy, so that it was to everybody’s tastes,” he said, “and when I tasted it before we served it up it was perfect.”

The meals were then packaged up and delivered straight to staff at the hospital.

“They went straight there and were piping hot and fresh when we handed them out,” Ahmed said. “The doctors and nurses were incredibly grateful, and I was told later that within half an hour it was all gone – so it must have been popular!”

Now Ahmed is planning to repeat the exercise for the holy month of Ramadan.

“Ramadan is about to start, when Muslims go the whole day without eating, and it dawned on me that if there are staff at the Manor who are fasting then there won’t necessarily be any food available for them when they break their fast.

“After a long and tiring shift, they will need fresh food, so I have been in touch and said that we can arrange to bring in food for people to eat at the time.

“It’s the least we can do given the sacrifices the NHS staff are making. The whole of the Walsall community is pulling together – and this is just our small part of that.”